Thursday, January 25, 2007

Panasonic Lumix L1 digital single lens reflex

Panasonic Lumix L1 digital single lens reflex
Price: $3849
Highly Recommended

Low-down: This 7.5 megapixel camera is Panasonic's first digital single lens reflex. It is also sold as a Leica. That camera's influence on design is apparent in the austere retro look and the high quality of construction. Lens aperture is controlled with a traditional barrel ring and shutter speed is set with a knob that has the shutter release in its centre. To set the camera to program exposure mode, the ring and the knob are both set to A. Turning one or the other control away from A puts the camera into either aperture or shutter priority. It is an elegant and intuitive arrangement. The outstanding feature is the Leica lens, which is the best kit lens we have seen. The startlingly high price of this 7.5 mp camera can be justified by the 14-50mm f2.8-3.5 zoom lens. (This is 28-100mm film equivalent - with the Four Thirds system the focal length is doubled.) Focus is instantaneous and pin sharp. Exposure and colour are excellent and the tonal qualities of photographs are superb. We didn't detect excessive or intrusive noise either.

Like: The image-stabilised Leica lens has not been made down to a price, but up to a high standard of optical and mechanical perfection. It is in a class of its own.

Dislike: The viewfinder is the Achilles heel of this camera. It is small and dim, due to the use of mirrors rather than a prism and, perhaps, due to stealing light for the useless "live view" option on the LCD.

Verdict: This is a difficult camera to rate because of the price. The Olympus E330, with which it shares components, sells for about $1800 but doesn't have a comparable lens. The Nikon D200, with a better viewfinder, more pixels but lesser optics sells for $2900. This Lumix L1 is highly recommended because it is a fine camera but whether it is value for money will be for the customer to decide. In the US the price is already dropping.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

panasonic digital camera

Panasonic, the leading global manufacturer of consumer electronics, will participate in the Intersec Exhibition, the largest security exhibition in the Middle East, to present its new line of integrated security management system in the region.Panasonic along with NetAvis and Singapore Technologies Electronics will be showcasing their latest products in end-to-end security solutions in managing inside security zones, outside security zones, high security zones and control room zones.“This will be a great opportunity for us to showcase the strengths of our products, especially the WV-CW480 Series, which is the newest addition to Panasonic’s vandal-proof camera line,” said Hiroshi Maruyama, Product Manager, Panasonic Marketing Middle East. “Our participation in this prominent exhibition will also consolidate our firm grip on the Middle East, which has been one of our most successful markets.”
Panasonic will display its security cameras with distinct features like the ‘Adaptive Black Stretch’, which establishes high-image quality, and the ‘Auto Back Focus’ (ABF), which enhances operability. ABF eliminates blurred focus when switching from colour and black-and-white modes. It also sets a market standard for easy installation.Three key products will make up the centerpiece of Panasonic’s participation at the exhibition: the i-Pro WV-NS202 Color Network PTZ Dome Camera, the WJ-RT416 Digital Video Recorder, and the new WV-CW480 Series.The i-Pro WV-NS202 Color Network PTZ Dome Camera brings Super Dynamic III (SDIII) technology to a networked platform.
The camera’s SDIII performance provides 128x dynamic range for superior image reproduction in virtually any lighting condition; MJPEG and MPEG-4 dual streaming outputs for simultaneous monitoring and recording at up to 30 fps; 22x optical zoom; Power over Ethernet (PoE); progressive output for smooth reproduction of moving objects; and minimum illumination of only 0.7 lux.The WJ-RT416 Digital Video Recorder offers high-resolution real-time recording with a total recording of 480 ips over 16 channels (30 ips per channel) with 704 x 240 pixels. Utilizing MPEG4 compression and available in configurations from 250GB to 1.5TB, the WJ-RT416 allows for extended archiving of video and is the ideal solution for both standalone and systems-based platforms.The new WV-CW480 Series, a high-end model equipped with Super Dynamic III, joins Panasonic’s vandal-proof camera line. In addition to a day/night feature, the camera is equipped with newly developed Anti-Shock Auto Back Focus, ensuring crystal-clear surveillance round the clock. Its robust body with waterproof properties meets the IP66 standard and features fully intelligent surveillance performance and high-image quality, including 160x Dynamic Range

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Digital Camera Panasonic Lumix FX-07

With a super slim body, which is just under an inch thick, the Panasonic Lumix FX-07 can happily slip into any pocket or purse. The front of the camera has a strong, retractable 28mm wide-angle Leica lens, which elegantly slides from the body when the power button is pressed. The front also has a finger grip, which is located on the left side and is a nice shiny chrome finish with a gold strip through the middle. The rest of the body is a matt silver finish, but is also available in sexy black. The top of the Lumix FX-07 has a power button, shutter release button, which has the mode dial surrounding it and an anti-shake button. Also at the top of the camera is the mode dial, which slightly protrudes from the body so that it can be rotated easily with your thumb and viewed from the top. The back of the camera has a lovely bright 2.5” LCD screen, which is on the left side with minimal controls to the right. These controls are the menu panel, display and delete buttons. The Panasonic Lumix FX-07 feels very strong, solid and comfortable in your hand and is perfect to take everywhere with you.

Not only does the Panasonic Lumix FX-07 have a fantastic 7.2 mega pixels it has a 28mm wide angle lens with 3.6x optical zoom with the most important Optical Image Stabilisation, which for a camera of this calibre is an absolute must. You can forget about those blurry, shaky photos and you will see fantastic results that are clear and sharp. The 28mm wide-angle lens is great for taking group shots at a wedding or when squeezing all your relatives onto the sofa for a group shot as they will all be in the frame. There are great scene modes, which become a great help in certain shooting situations.

Canon Digital IXUS-65, 6 megapixel with 3x Zoom Digital Camera.. perfect picture quality and fully loaded..